The ebike for delivery with ultra-wide 20×4.0″ fat tires are ideal for delivery applications, providing extra comfort, stability, and traction during demanding urban riding. This guide covers how to select the best e-bike for delivery equipped with 20” fat tires.

ebike for delivery

Frame Geometry

The frame geometry impacts handling while loaded:

  • Low step-through frames improve mounting/dismounting when making frequent deliveries.
  • Extended wheelbases increase high-speed stability with cargo.
  • Swept-back handlebars enhance low-speed maneuverability.
  • Frames made of steel or aluminum alloy provide durability.

Test ride fully-loaded to ensure the geometry provides responsive steering and balanced handling with extra delivery weight.

Motor Power

Higher motor power helps accelerate and climb efficiently:

  • 500W mid-drive motors optimize gradient climbing compared to hub motors.
  • 750W motors provide even more torque for heavy loads and hills.
  • Look for high peak power since continuous ratings will be lower.
  • Throttles help deliver precise power on demand.

Prioritize at least 500W of mid-drive power to achieve solid delivery performance. Front hub motors also work well.

Cargo Carrying Capacity

Transport larger delivery loads safely:

  • Integrated rear racks or platforms support cargo baskets, panniers and bags.
  • Extended cargo decks enable oversized item transport.
  • Sturdy kickstands keep the e-bike upright when loading/unloading.
  • Max load weight capacity typically 300-400 lbs for delivery e-bikes.

Select durable rear cargo racks with the size and weight capacity to handle your expected delivery items.

Battery Range

Sufficient battery range prevents mid-route power loss:

  • 48V batteries have more power and range than 36V versions.
  • 10-20 Ah batteries provide 30–60+ miles per charge. Enough for urban delivery routes.
  • Easily removable batteries allow swapping spares to extend range.
  • Range is reduced with heavy cargo, hills, and top speeds above 20mph.

Plan for reduced real-world range with delivery loads. Swappable 48V 10Ah batteries provide a good starting point.

Tire Size and Quality

Fat tires enhance comfort, grip, and load capacity:

  • 20” x 4” is the common fat tire size that provides cushioning and stability.
  • Wider tires enable lower pressure for increased traction and shock absorption.
  • Quality tires have puncture protection and grip for wet/slippery conditions.
  • Premium models use tubeless tires to eliminate flats.

Seek high-volume 20”x4” tires from top brands like Schwalbe or Kenda for the best delivery performance.

Recommended 20” Fat Tire Delivery E-bikes

Based on these criteria, two models to consider include:

  • 750W mid-drive motor
  • 52V 14Ah battery with 70+ mile range
  • 20” x 4” Kenda fat tires
  • Heavy duty rear rack with low step-through frame

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4

  • 750W geared hub motor
  • 48V 14Ah removable battery
  • 20” x 4” puncture-resistant tires
  • Integrated rear cargo rack with passenger package capability


Choosing an e-bike for delivery with a sturdy step-through frame, 500W+ mid-drive motor, 48V 10Ah+ removable battery, heavy duty rear rack, and 20”x4” fat tires ensures you can comfortably and efficiently handle larger loads across urban routes. Test ride fully-loaded models to experience the stability and handling.

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